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It’s 2015! Here’s an Update:

Turns out, I’ve been doing less photographing of things lately, and more talking/writing. I miss my camera, but I’m also excited about finally growing into my identity as an occasional writer, too. So, in list form, here’s some stuff that’s happened recently: 1. I heard about the Leelah Alcorn story early on, and got pissed […]

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An accidental Facebook rant

Yes, I remember. Vividly. No, I won’t forget. On a Tuesday morning not three months after I moved away from home and struck out into the world as a new adult, I (and the rest of us) was denied the ability to ever believe that I was really and truly safe in this country; that […]

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I Wrote an Essay About My Divorce for Cosmo (Yes, THAT Cosmo)

I wrote an article on gay divorce for the September 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine

Back in May I received an email from an editor at Cosmopolitan asking if I might be interested in writing an essay about my divorce for their magazine. At first, I thought it was a joke, ’cause y’know, why would Cosmo approach me? I set it aside for a few minutes, re-read it, and responded […]

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Blackout: Defeating the Dementors

Back in November, I hit a rough patch. It’s a known fact that I live with bipolar disorder, though I don’t discuss it in detail very often in a public forum. I tend to go quiet when I’m powering through a depressive episode, and unsurprisingly, I typically suffer from coinciding creative droughts. This time around, […]

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On 9/11/01, I was a freshman in college. I’d been on my own, all grown up, for just under three months. I lived in an upperclassmen dorm at UCF in Orlando, and when the first plane hit, I was in bed with my girlfriend studying for my very first chemistry test. I had no idea […]

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