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September Instagram Roundup

September 2013 Instagram Roundup

September was the busiest month! I photographed Danielle & Holly‘s wedding in Montauk (hire them for your graphic design and acting needs, would ya?); Sara & Kevin’s wedding in Minneapolis; did a talk about Live Through This at the University of Texas at Austin; and another talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I also […]

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A Few Quick Updates

Hi! I’m slacking on the blog right now, but it’s alright because I’m kicking ass elsewhere. Here’s how: 1. I did my sixth shoot for Live Through This yesterday. I’ve also [finally] posted the first two portraits and their associated stories on the website. Please, please go check it out. This project is my main […]

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Happy New Year, and Progress on the Back Piece

Hello! Happy New Year! I’m not really huge on the new beginnings chatter, but I made some resolutions that I’m hoping are realistic for my personal, business, and artistic… life? Lives? I know for a fact that figuring out how to STOP BITING MY NAILS will be the hardest. Totally harder than fully supporting myself […]

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Jesus, You’re Getting Another Tattoo?

See that picture down there? That’s Mr. Adam Hays and an outline he traced off my back. You can see the midline, my asymmetrical explodingdog tattoos, my butt crack, and what looks like a chunk bitten off the right side, where my arm would be. That last bit actually represents the overlap of my sleeve […]

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I Am a Woman who Does not Repent, and My Chest is Tattooed

Just before KK and I got married, I sat down with Adam Hays for the last session on my long-planned chest tattoo. When I told him what I was looking for a couple years back, he got it immediately. I love the biblical story of Samson and Delilah; in particular, I love how artists have […]

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