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Live Through This on Upworthy!

Upworthy Video

I recently had the chance to collaborate with Upworthy on a beautiful video about Live Through This. Props to producer Jess Blank for incredible work, and for being an equally amazing human. Tweet

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BuzzFeed | I Survived a Suicide Attempt


Hello! It’s been a hugely busy fall! I’ve criss-crossed the nation to deliver keynote speeches on the story of my struggles with mental health, my suicide attempt, and the evolution of Live Through This, as well as workshops on suicide prevention in social media. Last week, I presented at the 5th annual Los Angeles County […]

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Elevating the Conversation in Denver (and a few other things)

Hello, hello! Last Friday, I was incredibly lucky to present as part of a panel of attempt survivors (with Craig Miller and Eduardo Vega) at the third annual Elevating the Conversation conference in Denver, CO. It was—and always is, when it happens—amazing to talk about my experiences and my work in a way that has the potential to influence […]

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It’s 2015! Here’s an Update:

Turns out, I’ve been doing less photographing of things lately, and more talking/writing. I miss my camera, but I’m also excited about finally growing into my identity as an occasional writer, too. So, in list form, here’s some stuff that’s happened recently: 1. I heard about the Leelah Alcorn story early on, and got pissed […]

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Live Through This interactive exhibit at Freeman Space in Brooklyn

I’m happy to announce the first interactive, multimedia Live Through This gallery exhibition, going on through October 2 at Freeman Space in Greenpoint! The opening party was fantastic! I’m so excited to see the work exhibited the way I’ve envisioned since the beginning. I love that viewers can listen to the raw interviews as they look at the portraits, […]

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