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Charlotte Martin at Highline Ballroom, 4/21/17 | New York City Concert Photography


Charlotte Martin is one of my top 3 favorite musicians of all time. I discovered her on my 21st birthday (along with Regina Spektor—it was a good year for music), and I’ve been following her work ever since. This woman’s music got me though a lot of shit—the aftermath of a suicide attempt, as an […]

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Nolan + Sam’s DIY Hurricane Joaquin Wedding! | New Haven Wedding Photographer


There are just so many things about Nolan and Sam’s wedding that made it amazing! The original plan was that it would be a quiet affair: a private ceremony in a garden and a backyard reception at home. But then Hurricane Joaquin came along to change their plans at the very last minute. By last minute, […]

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One Shot | Amor in Iceland

Amor Farm in Iceland

We spent a LOT of time in Iceland stopping on the side of the road to gawk at pretty things. This farm was just west of Dyrhólaey. Tweet

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Sunrise in Fes


So, we may have gotten robbed on the train from Marrakech to Fes, and we may have been pushed into filing a police report we weren’t interested in filing (and which took hours and hours for the police to figure out because foreigners never file reports), and it may have taken all night, and we may have ended […]

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Marrakech at Night (and the Challenges of Shooting in a Foreign Country)

Marrakesh at night

Here’s a painful truth: I haven’t been particularly interested in photography lately. I’ve spent months wondering whether I chose the right career path and self-flagellating about my abilities as a photographer while my camera has gathered dust in a corner (figurative dust—I’m still doing the work, of course). We planned our honeymoon around some of […]

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