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It’s 2015! Here’s an Update:

Turns out, I’ve been doing less photographing of things lately, and more talking/writing. I miss my camera, but I’m also excited about finally growing into my identity as an occasional writer, too. So, in list form, here’s some stuff that’s happened recently: 1. I heard about the Leelah Alcorn story early on, and got pissed […]

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Live Through This interactive exhibit at Freeman Space in Brooklyn

I’m happy to announce the first interactive, multimedia Live Through This gallery exhibition, going on through October 2 at Freeman Space in Greenpoint! The opening party was fantastic! I’m so excited to see the work exhibited the way I’ve envisioned since the beginning. I love that viewers can listen to the raw interviews as they look at the portraits, […]

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Glenn Beck is my new BFF: my unlikely television debut

For those of you who aren’t following on Facebook or Twitter, I recently made my TV debut on the Glenn Beck Program. “Why on earth are you talking to Glenn Beck?” you might ask. I’m not a mind reader. I just know you might ask that because I’ve been asked at least a hundred times since last week. […]

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Turns out, I suck at this.


Keeping the blog updated, I mean. Lots going on lately—mostly shooting weddings (we’re heavy into wedding season now!), writing, and planning trips to collect stories for Live Through This. Maybe a list is best: 1. I wrote a piece for XoJane called “It Happened to Me: I Attempted Suicide and Lived (and Now I Photograph […]

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I have been running around like a crazy person!

Dese'Rae L. Stage as photographed by Michael Appleton for the New York Times

The past two weeks have been incredible! I collected 11 stories in Boston, where I stayed in a giant brownstone that my friends at the Neurocognition of Language Lab (who were in town for a conference) were gracious enough to let me work out of. After that, I was home for an eventful day, where there was […]

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