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BuzzFeed | I Survived a Suicide Attempt


Hello! It’s been a hugely busy fall! I’ve criss-crossed the nation to deliver keynote speeches on the story of my struggles with mental health, my suicide attempt, and the evolution of Live Through This, as well as workshops on suicide prevention in social media. Last week, I presented at the 5th annual Los Angeles County […]

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One Shot | Amor in Iceland

Amor Farm in Iceland

We spent a LOT of time in Iceland stopping on the side of the road to gawk at pretty things. This farm was just west of Dyrhólaey. Tweet

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Sunrise in Fes


So, we may have gotten robbed on the train from Marrakech to Fes, and we may have been pushed into filing a police report we weren’t interested in filing (and which took hours and hours for the police to figure out because foreigners never file reports), and it may have taken all night, and we may have ended […]

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Marrakech at Night (and the Challenges of Shooting in a Foreign Country)

Marrakesh at night

Here’s a painful truth: I haven’t been particularly interested in photography lately. I’ve spent months wondering whether I chose the right career path and self-flagellating about my abilities as a photographer while my camera has gathered dust in a corner (figurative dust—I’m still doing the work, of course). We planned our honeymoon around some of […]

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Did I mention…


…that, last weekend, I married the most incredible human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, befriending, and loving? Stay tuned for honeymoon photos from Morocco, Spain, and Iceland! Photo courtesy danfredo photos + films! Tweet

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