It’s 2015! Here’s an Update:

Turns out, I’ve been doing less photographing of things lately, and more talking/writing. I miss my camera, but I’m also excited about finally growing into my identity as an occasional writer, too.

So, in list form, here’s some stuff that’s happened recently:

1. I heard about the Leelah Alcorn story early on, and got pissed off that no one was covering it (which changed quickly). I wrote a story about it for Huffington Post Gay Voices.

2. That led to a guest spot on HuffPost Live’s QueerView with Josh Zepps:

3. I wrote a piece about my complicated relationship with my father, his criminal history, and his death in prison for xoJane.

4. I’m this week’s NY1 New Yorker of the Week! I got to be on live television for the first time! Exciting! Terrifying! Here’s the segment (live interview to come):

2015 is off to a good start!

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