Glenn Beck is my new BFF: my unlikely television debut

For those of you who aren’t following on Facebook or Twitter, I recently made my TV debut on the Glenn Beck Program.

“Why on earth are you talking to Glenn Beck?” you might ask. I’m not a mind reader. I just know you might ask that because I’ve been asked at least a hundred times since last week.

Quick background: I learned the news of Robin Williams’s death as I landed in Austin last Monday. I was slated to present at the Texas Suicide Prevention Symposium the next day. As you can imagine, the press showed up in full force—the event was “timely.” I got a call from the producer at 9:30am, we did some Skype tests (this accounts for the delay in the video), and by noon, we’d filmed. I was worried because Glenn and I don’t exactly share beliefs on many things, but I was happily surprised at his honesty and empathy, and he ended up being my hero that day (if only for that day). This right here is proof enough that suicide crosses all boundaries. It really does affect all of us. Take a look.

PS: This even made its way onto the Upworthy front page! Click.

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