Turns out, I suck at this.

Keeping the blog updated, I mean.

Lots going on lately—mostly shooting weddings (we’re heavy into wedding season now!), writing, and planning trips to collect stories for Live Through This. Maybe a list is best:

1. I wrote a piece for XoJane called “It Happened to Me: I Attempted Suicide and Lived (and Now I Photograph Other Survivors).” This is the story of my attempt (and recovery), probably in more detail than I’ve gone into before. Trigger warning for discussion of self-injury and methods.

2. I got the chance to be in a short documentary film called “A Voice at the Table,” made by Annemarie Matulis, Craig Miller, and Zak Swain. This is going to be a really useful tool for suicide prevention trainings.

3. I wrote a piece for TED Weekends, a collaboration between TED and Huffington Post, called “Cultivating Compassion for Survivors.” This one is a response to Kevin Briggs’s TED talk about his years spent patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge for the California Highway Patrol.

4. I’m planning a trip to Albuquerque, NM to collect stories! All of this is possible thanks to Waking Up Alive, a suicide prevention non-profit local to Albuquerque. I’ll be there from October 7th-10th. If you live in the area and would like to share your story, use the contact form on the Live Through This website to get in touch (please include all requested information).

5. I’m also going to be in a feature-length documentary about suicide survivors (both loss and attempt survivors) by Lisa Klein and Doug Blush, the Academy Award nominated makers of “Of Two Minds,” which is currently in production. They just released the first teaser trailer this week. I’m so excited about this. They’ll be filming me in NYC tomorrow!

6. I was on WBEZ’s (Chicago’s NPR affiliate) Morning Shift awhile back. I talked a bit about LTT and the burgeoning attempt survivor movement. Listen here.

7. Christie Aschwanden wrote a wonderful piece about the suicide attempt survivor movement for the NPR Health blog, called “Suicide Attempt Survivors Seek a Voice in Helping Others at Risk.”

8. I’ll be in Eugene and Portland, Oregon from 7/27-8/3 collecting stories and portraits. By the time I come back, I will have met with over 100 suicide attempt survivors in 11 cities across the country. Mind blowing.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If any of this strikes a chord with you, please share it. You never know, it could save a life.

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