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Live Through This on Kickstarter | The One Week Mark

One week into the Live Through This Kickstarter campaign, and we’re already nearing the $10,000 mark! I’m shocked and amazed by the outpouring of support. It’s nice to see that suicide awareness means so much to others out there–sometimes it’s hard to hear questions like, “but why do you want to focus on something so […]

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Live Through This is LIVE on Kickstarter!

Live Through This is officially LIVE on Kickstarter! We’ve successfully raised $4.3k in the first seven hours! I’m overwhelmed, excited, and humbled. It’s a solid start, but there’s much more work to do. HUGE thanks for Kiera & Josh at Jakfoto Films for the beautiful video; Froilan Tam for his amazing animation work; Charlotte Martin […]

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One Shot | Metered

a colorful cab ride in nyc

I snapped this in the cab on the way home from photographing an event the other night. I love that you can see the meter reading and the traffic, that you can see a little bit of sleet on the windshield. What I love most about it is the ROY-G-BIV-ness of it, the spectrum of […]

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Scenes from the Speakeasy Dollhouse | New York City Event Photography

Cynthia Von Buhler's "Speakeasy Dollhouse"

I first heard of Cynthia Von Buhler‘s Speakeasy Dollhouse when I went in search of an immersive theater experience similar to Sleep No More. It’s inspired both by Sleep No More and real life: Von Buhler’s grandfather, Frank Spano, was murdered and nobody really knows why. Twice monthly, the murder is re-enacted in the Back […]

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