Monthly Archives: January 2013

Blackout: Defeating the Dementors

Back in November, I hit a rough patch. It’s a known fact that I live with bipolar disorder, though I don’t discuss it in detail very often in a public forum. I tend to go quiet when I’m powering through a depressive episode, and unsurprisingly, I typically suffer from coinciding creative droughts. This time around, […]

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One Shot | Brooklyn Portrait Photography

fel, 1/14/13

Experimented a little this week with mixing ambient light and strobe. Got this little jewel. It’s not perfect, but it captures a moment I wanted to remember, and I love how the strobe renders the colors in Fel’s outfit. Tweet

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What Happens When

What happens when you launch a shiny, new, redesigned version of your website? Hopefully, people look at it, like it, share it, and maybe even book a gig or buy prints. And then you become rich, famous, perpetually happy, and full of wisdom. Or maybe you can just pay your bills by doing the thing […]

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