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Assignment: Self-portrait

I think it’s incredibly important to study your craft, whatever it is, to constantly work to hone and improve your skills. That said, I’m taking a portrait class at 3rd Ward this fall, and our homework assignment this week was to make a self-portrait. I’m not nearly as comfortable in front of the camera as […]

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The Feast of San Gennaro | New York City Food & Event Photography

Every September, the Feast of San Gennaro overtakes the streets of Little Italy in lower Manhattan, the neighborhood where countless Italian immigrants first made their homes in the U.S. It’s a celebration in the name of the patron saint of Naples, and a faith-based event to be sure, but I find myself drawn to the […]

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On 9/11/01, I was a freshman in college. I’d been on my own, all grown up, for just under three months. I lived in an upperclassmen dorm at UCF in Orlando, and when the first plane hit, I was in bed with my girlfriend studying for my very first chemistry test. I had no idea […]

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The Spartan Sprint | Amesbury Event Photography

Spartan Race at Amesbury Sports Park in Amesbury, MA, 8/11/12

Just a quick couple of shots from the finish line of the Spartan Sprint at Amesbury Sports Park in Amesbury, MA, on 8/11/12. I took a weekend trip to play cheerleader for a friend who ran the race and my camera fell in love with the gladiators at the end. There were definitely a few […]

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Six years ago, I tried to kill myself. That same year, I lost one of my best friends to suicide. In some way or another, I think we’ve all been touched by suicide: we’ve attempted, we know someone who’s attempted, we’ve lost a family member or friend, or we’ve […]

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