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When I originally conceived of this blog and decided to make it into a reality, the intention was for it to function as a hub for my professional work and to showcase my widely varied skill set, but also, in a way, I wanted it to be a vehicle for my personality as a brand […]

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One Shot | Rockaway Beach Landscape Photography

I recently took a trip to Rockaway Beach. Here’s a quick shot of some surfers doin’ what they do best during magic hour.       Tweet

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Augusten Burroughs Tells Us How | New York City Celebrity Photography

Ever since I read Running with Scissors in ’05 or ’06, I’ve been hooked on Augusten Burroughs. I love the authenticity of his voice, the sheer surreality of the life he’s lived, and the ways in which I connect with it. I’ve read his entire catalog and will likely continue to do so until he […]

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