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Live Through This: So Far

Over the last several weeks, I’ve put a lot of effort and focus into Live Through This, a project about suicide attempt survivors (which I wrote about here). I’ve been posting one image a week, along with excerpts of their corresponding stories. The goal of the project is to bring awareness to the public. This […]

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A Few Quick Updates

Hi! I’m slacking on the blog right now, but it’s alright because I’m kicking ass elsewhere. Here’s how: 1. I did my sixth shoot for Live Through This yesterday. I’ve also [finally] posted the first two portraits and their associated stories on the website. Please, please go check it out. This project is my main […]

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Happy New Year, and Progress on the Back Piece

Hello! Happy New Year! I’m not really huge on the new beginnings chatter, but I made some resolutions that I’m hoping are realistic for my personal, business, and artistic… life? Lives? I know for a fact that figuring out how to STOP BITING MY NAILS will be the hardest. Totally harder than fully supporting myself […]

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