One Last Shot: Tori Amos

I caught the ass end of the Meet & Greet before Tori’s first New York show at the Beacon Theatre, and had just enough time to say hello and make a song request. I know at least one of you is wondering what the request was, so I’ll tell you: Flying Dutchman. Didn’t happen.

I snapped a few frames while I waited, and the shot below happens to be the best of the bunch. This will effectively close out my series on Tori Amos (until next tour, of course), lest you begin to think this is a dorky fan blog. They have their place, for sure, but this ain’t it!

Tori Amos at the Beacon Theatre in New York City

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In (but not really IN) Tori,

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Bryce - I asked for “Flying Dutchman” as well in DC! :( I would die to hear this with the strings! She just smiled about the request and said she didn’t have an arrangement yet.

Dese’Rae L. Stage - Agh! I asked in NYC, and she didn’t tell me that! She only asked how much time she had. She’ll probably play the damn thing in Texas or something.

karen - i wrote tori a letter and requested flying dutchman in chicago. it’s a very special song to me since my father died last year. but no dice. we’ll see if the song comes tonight! :)

Luno - This is the most fabulous, human looking photo of Tori I’ve seen in years. Rock on.

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